urban tribal pattern 9 - aztec - concrete and wood iphone case

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urban tribal pattern 9 - aztec - concrete and wood iphone case

urban tribal pattern 9 - aztec - concrete and wood iphone case

The CFPB was able to quickly get all four carriers to settle their cases. Verizon has agreed to a total of $90 million in fines, matching the deal T-Mobile signed in December. AT&T agreed in October to a $105 million settlement. In total, Sprint's fines amount to $68 million, including $50 million to be paid to the CFPB and the remaining $18 million to go to federal and state fines. Sprint has been one of the more vocal critics of the fines, saying in December that it was "disappointed" that it was targeted by the CFPB. The carrier added that it "strongly disagrees with [CFPB's] characterization of our business practices" and that it has safeguards in place to protect consumers from unauthorized billing.

Given its issues with the charges, Sprint's decision was rather unexpected when it announced its deal in May, Soon after, another unexpected wrinkle cropped up as Judge Pauley demanded additional evidence in the case between the CFPB and Sprint, saying that not enough detail was provided in urban tribal pattern 9 - aztec - concrete and wood iphone case the initial paperwork for him to sign off on the deal, In his order on Tuesday, Judge Pauley only approved the settlement and did not say whether either organization provided requisite information to finalize the accord..

Siri can be equally helpful and unhelpful, not always knowing what you want. It's machine technology after all, so it makes mistakes, especially if Apple updates the software with a new feature that doesn't work the way you want it to. Facing competition from Google Now, which is available on iOS, and Microsoft's Cortana, which will be available on iOS later this year, Apple keeps improving Siri. But certain "improvements" can actually make the software more difficult to use. And the insistence on using the phone's speaker when you tell Siri to make a call is one example.

Here's how it all works, In iOS 8, Apple introduced the ability to activate Siri by voice, Saying "Hey Siri" turns on the voice assistant, which is then ready for your question or command, Your iPhone needs to be plugged into a power source for "Hey Siri" to work, "Hey Siri" is a great feature for me in my urban tribal pattern 9 - aztec - concrete and wood iphone case car as it allows me to make hands-free phone calls, My car has an audio jack, so I simply plug an audio cable from my iPhone to my car, And I plug my phone's power cable into one of my car's power outlets, Now I'm ready to make a phone call..

I say "Hey Siri" and tell it the name or number to dial. But by default, Siri puts the call on the iPhone's speaker courtesy of the iOS 8.3 update. (I tested it with iOS 8.4, which was released on Tuesday, and the audio setup requires the same workaround.). No, Siri, that's not what I want. I want the phone call to go through my car's speakers. If you're stuck in this same situation, here's the fix. Those of you who connect your iPhone to your car using Bluetooth may run into different results. But this worked for me.

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