uag metropolis rugged iphone 8 plus / 7 plus wallet case - cobalt blue reviews

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uag metropolis rugged iphone 8 plus / 7 plus wallet case - cobalt blue reviews

uag metropolis rugged iphone 8 plus / 7 plus wallet case - cobalt blue reviews

BKAV uses the "made-in-Vietnam" label as one of Bphone's biggest selling points. "We want [to show] that Vietnam can do the high-grade products like America or Japan or Korea," said Bach Thanh Le, BKAV's vice president and chief information officer. But it's the use of components from foreign companies that has tripped people up. Before the device hit the market, some questioned whether Bphone was really made and designed in Vietnam or whether the smartphone was actually a Chinese device. Other Vietnamese vendors, such as MobiiStar, have contracted Chinese manufacturers to design and build smartphones that they slap their brand on. And there's a debate over whether a company can claim a phone is "made in Vietnam" or any other location if it uses components from other places, like that Qualcomm processor.

"Why do some people think that Bphone is not really a Vietnamese phone?" BKAV CEO Nguyen Tu Quang said over e-mail, "Because it's hard to believe that Vietnam can design and manufacture a world's leading smartphone."BKAV's 40-year-old CEO isn't what you'd call modest, He built the first version of his BKAV antivirus software as a third-year university student in 1995 and formed his company to commercialize the software a uag metropolis rugged iphone 8 plus / 7 plus wallet case - cobalt blue reviews decade later, Today, BKAV is one of the biggest security software companies in Vietnam, with a branch in Mountain View, California -- the heart of Silicon Valley..

Quang has a reputation as a workaholic, and he's well known by his nicknames -- "Explosive Quang" and "Quang the bomb thrower" -- due to his boastful nature. When he first teased the Bphone in January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and again when launching the device in May, Quang called it "unbelievable" and a "masterpiece." He dubbed it the world's best smartphone. "I strongly believe that when holding it in your hand, you'll think like me: one of the world's most beautiful smartphones," Quang said at the May event, according to the English subtitles of a BKAV video.

Quang dismisses the criticism, saying talking up a company's products is the job of a CEO, even if doing so is not popular in Vietnam, For some, the hype has worked, Nguyen Viet Phu -- a 41-year-old Hanoi resident who works for Vietnam Television, the country's national broadcaster -- bought a 64-gigabyte champagne-colored Bphone as soon as it became available, He wanted to see what a Vietnamese phone would be like after he lost his iPhone 5S, "Bphone really is a beautifully designed phone," he said over e-mail, "I am very satisfied with the device."For others, Quang and BKAV's bluster has uag metropolis rugged iphone 8 plus / 7 plus wallet case - cobalt blue reviews backfired, And countless others in Vietnam aren't even aware the Bphone exists, A couple looking at smartphones in a large electronics store near Hanoi's posh French Quarter said they'd never heard of the device..

BKAV's lower profile is a critical problem. Even heavy hitters of the past like Nokia and Sony draw more interest. But Apple and Samsung displays are often the first thing buyers see when they walk through the doors of electronics stores. Nearly every block in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, has a store hawking the iPhone or using the Apple logo to draw in customers. Dang Dung Street in the center of the city features pawn shop after pawn shop selling -- what else? -- iPhones and iPads. The Apple logo appears on everything, from motorbike helmets to the bright pink hoodie worn by a female tailor in Hoi An. This is pervasive, even though Apple doesn't have a store in Vietnam.

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