tiger - black & white iphone case

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tiger - black & white iphone case

tiger - black & white iphone case

ABC 13 reported that Pelton said in a video of apology also posted to Facebook: "I just wanted to educate people to slow down. I didn't do that to have some type of gore video."Of course not. The Lorain Police, on the other hand, added this on Facebook: "The Lorain Police Department would like to remind citizens that they are allowed and encouraged to help one another in emergencies if they can do so safely, and that rendering aid or comfort to a dying young man and his severely injured friend is a commendable and kindly act. Persons are not, however, allowed to trespass into a person's vehicle criminally and without permission for the seemingly singular cause of filming, a young man's dying moments, for profit."Technically Incorrect: An Ohio man is accused of getting into a crashed car and using his phone only to film the injured (one of whom died). He then posted the video on Facebook.

Instead, what he found was that the woman wasn't initially tiger - black & white iphone case talking on her cell phone, She was clutching her throat, She was choking on a biscuit, He first slapped her back, When that didn't work, it was time for the Heimlich maneuver, After a few heaves, the unnamed woman finally coughed up the biscuit, MyFox Austin reported that she had tried to call 911, but couldn't speak, KVUE quoted Austin Travis County EMS Capt, Holly Craghead as saying: "Had it not been for the quick and exact actions of Officer Clinkscales, the patient would have most certainly had a negative outcome."There's another aspect to this story, though, that bears consideration, Talking on your cell phone while driving is legal in most of Texas..

At the beginning of this year, San Antonio and Austin issued new ordinances that made cell phone use while driving or cycling subject to sanction. In Austin, the fine is $500. I have contacted the Austin Police Department for confirmation that the woman was stopped under that new ordinance and will update, should I hear. The woman, whose father is reportedly an Austin police officer, recovered and is extremely grateful for Clinkscales' actions. She might be grateful to whoever got that law passed, too.

Technically Incorrect: A cop believes a driver is talking on her phone, When he pulls her over, she's clutching her throat because she's choking on food, Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives, There are enough YouTube videos of police officers behaving in a questionable manner, (Or perhaps there are tiger - black & white iphone case never quite enough.), Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

The world shuddered last week when mutterings suggested that Apple Watch sales were down 90 percent. The mutterings -- based on a market research report -- may not have meant anything at all, but the world loves shuddering. I'm not sure how much the world loves the Apple Watch yet. Even though I live in the epicenter of self-regarding progress, I've met few people who are committed to their device. Some whine about it (I do live in the Bay Area), while others just adore getting notifications more discreetly than on their phone.

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