the furminator pug watercolor like art iphone case

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the furminator pug watercolor like art iphone case

the furminator pug watercolor like art iphone case

Making a high-end smartphone "is the dream for every high tech corporation in the world," said Ta Minh Hoang, the BKAV mobile product director who led development of the Bphone. "Making a smartphone is also our dream because we want to become the best technology corporation in the world."The Vietnamese aren't afraid to spend money on electronics. Last year, 24 million mobile phones were sold in Vietnam (the population totals about 94 million), according to Strategy Analytics. Smartphone demand is expected to soar here over the coming years.

Sounds great for BKAV, right? The problem is the Vietnamese aren't clamoring for a "made-in-Vietnam" phone, They're happy with their iPhones and the Galaxy devices offered by Samsung, With workers typically making less than $150 a month, the Bphone is too pricey for many, The boastful nature of BKAV's CEO -- who calls Bphone the best smartphone the world -- also goes against the grain of typical Vietnamese humility and has the furminator pug watercolor like art iphone case turned many people off, Others are skeptical the company actually designed and manufactured the Bphone here..

"If you can't prove that you make any hardware parts and can't show where your factory is located, then how can it be made-in-Vietnam?" a user identifying himself as No Banh Nha Lau commented on an article about Bphone in May. But it was that very factory where I headed next. A run-down industrial complex covered with green corrugated metal, just a 10-minute drive away from BKAV's headquarters, is home to one of two facilities where BKAV workers build the Bphone. When I visited BKAV's phone assembly plant, about three dozen people were suited up in blue-and-white uniforms. Think a cross between doctor scrubs and mechanic garb. Everyone wore white cloth gloves, surgical face masks and blue cloth hats with rims to keep strands of hair from falling on the smartphone parts.

The workers sat on rolling office chairs in front of small green assembly lines that resembled long, skinny ping pong tables, Each was tasked with a part of the process, which included dusting off the components or the furminator pug watercolor like art iphone case snapping on the backplate of the smartphone, Normally, there are about 100 people in that factory, but I arrived at lunchtime, Another 50 people work at BKAV's mechanical factory nearby, creating Bphone parts like the metal body, SIM card holder and speaker box, They also build device prototypes and models of other components before hiring partners to manufacture them, BKAV plans to open a bigger factory in the Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park in suburban Hanoi, about 30 kilometers from its current factories, "when we get good feedback from the market," said Vu Thanh Thang, vice president and director of BKAV's hardware division..

BKAV spent about $20 million, relied on 200 engineers and took four years to develop its first smartphone. It designed everything from the motherboard housing the phone's components -- including a high-end, but older, Qualcomm processor -- to the device's exterior to the software that runs on top of Android, Google's mobile operating system software that powers the majority of phones in the world. The Bphone Operating System, or BOS, comes packed with many BKAV-designed apps, including a browser (Bhrome) and a dialer/Internet-based calling app (Btalk). Another key feature of BOS: Its antivirus software.

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