sunrise [2]: a bright, colorful abstract piece in pink, gold, black,and white iphone case

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sunrise [2]: a bright, colorful abstract piece in pink, gold, black,and white iphone case

sunrise [2]: a bright, colorful abstract piece in pink, gold, black,and white iphone case

Misfit is a bit of an anomaly when it comes to the Vietnamese tech scene. Despite Vietnam's growing position as a tech manufacturer, the company doesn't actually build any of its fitness trackers in the country. Instead, most of its devices are made in South Korea. Misfit also doesn't sell any fitness bands here. Instead, its employees work on software features like the new Link app that lets users do things like control the music on their phones or take selfies by pressing the button on their Misfit devices. By the end of the year, about half of Misfit's expected 265 employees will be based in Vietnam.

"We're one of the larger tech companies here," Vu sunrise [2]: a bright, colorful abstract piece in pink, gold, black,and white iphone case said, "If we could do it in Vietnam, we would, We're starting to actually move some of the sales functions to Vietnam, believe it or not."Here's an excerpt of CNET's conversation with Vu, edited for length and clarity, Q: Do you view yourself as an expat returning to Vietnam? How does Misfit fit into the whole Vietnam tech ecosystem?, Vu: Misfit is a little bit of an outlier, We don't sell anything in Vietnam, Our app and our website is translated into 17 languages, It's even translated into Hebrew and Tagalog [a language used in the Philippines], but it's not translated into Vietnamese, We don't service the local economy at all, Everything is for export, And it's all intellectual property that's exported..

We might do some packaging here, but we hardly do any manufacturing here. We did not come to Vietnam for manufacturing. That's the second weird thing..When people ask about manufacturing in Vietnam, I say, "Oh man, we manufacture awesome code and patents." That's what we do. Which is like, "What? I thought that's why you went to Vietnam?" People can in fact do more than screw things together. The third thing that's outlier-ish about Misfit is the..diversity of jobs that we have in the office here. We have roughly 100 people in the office here in Vietnam. Everything from logistics and supply chain to operations, finance to customer service. All of our email customer service is done here. That's why we've been able to get back to people very quickly. And we just have an amazing team here. All the way to data science and algorithms development. And firmware engineering. We even have some graphic design here. It's a very wide range, it's like a full-on company.

Q: Why don't you actually sell products in Vietnam?, Vu: We don't do business here maybe for the same reason we don't do business in Nigeria -- it's just a really small market, Yeah, both are big countries, but neither country has much of an interesting market to buy this stuff, sunrise [2]: a bright, colorful abstract piece in pink, gold, black,and white iphone case People are buying motorbikes and maybe computers and Internet access and iPhones, but wearables, I think by and large, when you look at everyone here, they'll all in pretty good shape..Whereas, us Westerners, we've got to get in shape..We'll get here later..

Q: What prompted the decision to have so many employees here, aside from your background?. Vu: There's several things. We have a philosophy on getting the best talent at the best price. I remember talking to a friend. I ripped it off of him, by the way. All the great ideas are stolen. So my friend, that was his philosophy, and I was like, "Don't you just want the best talent?" He said, "No, because if that's the case, if you're going to hire a software engineer, you're going to hire the head of search at Google. And you'd pay him a billion dollars, but you've got the best talent. But you wouldn't do that. You can't. So we have to get the best talent at the best price." I was like, "You are exactly right."So what we've done is optimized our hiring to be in places where we have unfair competitive advantages. So in Vietnam, we have an unfair advantage here. Why? Because we're just the coolest company to work for..People want to work for companies like us. Otherwise they're making financial software for banks, which is boring. It's a fun place we be at. We make an environment where we really try to take care of people. We bring in food, we give everybody cool hardware and iPhones. Other Vietnamese companies don't do that.

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