sunflowers forever iphone case

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sunflowers forever iphone case

sunflowers forever iphone case

Acadine will be independent, though, Gong said, noting that he is both chairman and CEO. "We are not a China company, we are not a US company, we are an international company," Gong said. Along with its Hong Kong headquarters, it's opened other offices in Beijing and in Taiwan's capital, Taipei, and has labs in London and Palo Alto, California. Firefox OS is open-source software, meaning that Acadine and anyone else is allowed to copy its underlying source code, modify it and ship it as a different product. And Acadine has more than just the code: of the company's more than 70 employees hired since its founding in March, about 40 are from Mozilla, Gong said.

At the same time, Mozilla is retooling its Firefox OS effort, CEO Chris Beard concluded Gong's strategy of aiming for very low-cost smartphones flopped and now is focusing on a product that enthusiasts can install on their unlocked Android phones, Beard said in June that Mozilla decided it needed to change Firefox OS management, Gong said the decision to depart was mutually agreed upon, Mozilla also has lost its chief technology officer, Andreas Gal, to a separate startup, Sources said in June sunflowers forever iphone case that Gal had been considering working with Acadine and taking an investment from it, but Gal said he's looking investors closer to his Santa Clara, California, headquarters, "We are in the process of raising venture funding in Silicon Valley," he said..

Mozilla declined to comment for this story. Acadine's operating system, like Mozilla's Firefox OS and Google's Chrome OS, runs Web apps -- software written with the same technologies used to build Web pages. For operating systems trying to challenge incumbents like Windows, iOS and Android, Web apps have two big advantages. First, there lots of programmers are already familiar with foundations of Web software like HTML content, JavaScript programs and CSS formatting, and indeed many mobile-optimized websites are already available. Second, every modern operating system has a browser, so a Web app is useful on existing operating systems as well as new ones.

Firefox OS is aimed today chiefly at smartphones, though electronics manufacturer Foxconn has used it on tablets and Panasonic offers it sunflowers forever iphone case on a 4K TV, Acadine also expects to offer its operating system on wearable devices -- smartwatches are the best example today -- and on "Internet of Things" devices -- products that are that of spreading network connectivity beyond today's computing devices, Acadine expects to diverge from Mozilla's open-source Firefox OS project where it makes sense, Eventually, Acadine could end up with something completely different, Gong said..

"Firefox OS, for which project I was the owner and primary driver in my last job, has definitely broken fresh ground in mobile operating systems and has demonstrated the viability of a new Web-centric approach in a field dominated by Android and iOS devices," Gong said. "Nevertheless, to achieve market success we have to go much further than that. We must move and scale up at the supersonic speed of the mobile industry, be pragmatic and flexible, and look beyond Silicon Valley for inspiration."With a Firefox OS offshoot called H5OS, Acadine Technologies hopes to succeed where Microsoft and others have failed. A China-run backer has begun paying the bills.

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