sneaky llama iphone case

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sneaky llama iphone case

sneaky llama iphone case

That kind of inertia is exactly what has kept Microsoft in the phone market, despite a long string of failures. If there's just one or two valid reasons to stay at it, said Kay, then that's enough for Microsoft executives. "If you don't have a phone, you're behind the times," he said. "All the growth is in the phone."With its biggest hardware gamble a failure and Windows 10 about to arrive, the software maker is pressed to prove what it can achieve in the phone business. Taking a look at Microsoft's mobile device strategy, it's a wonder the company hasn't just given up.

This was more than a little unfortunate, James Huff was, at the time -- in October 2013 -- chairman of Kentucky's Kenton County Airport Board and in Italy for a business conference, Spaw was senior executive assistant to Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport CEO Candace McGraw, In the words of the court, Spaw "believed that she heard James Huff and [Airport Board Vice Chairman Larry] Savage engaged in a discussion to discriminate unlawfully against McGraw and felt that it was her responsibility to record the conversation and report it through appropriate channels."As Courthouse News reported Wednesday, Spaw allegedly took notes and recorded some of what she heard on her iPhone, She also allegedly recorded a conversation -- still through Huff's butt-dial -- of Huff talking with his wife, She then allegedly passed the recordings to members of sneaky llama iphone case the airport board..

Huff sued Spaw, saying that she had recorded private conversations and disseminated them. He lost. In the ruling, Judge Danny Boggs of the US Court of Appeals likened the events to leaving your drapes wide open and expecting no one to peer into your house. Boggs said that Huff has simple failed to secure his phone. In Boggs' words: A "person exposes his activities and statements, thereby failing to exhibit an expectation of privacy, if he inadvertently shares his activities and statements through neglectful use of a common telecommunication device."Huff didn't help himself by admitting to the court that he did, indeed, know of the possibility of butt-dials occurring and had actually made one before.

It's bad enough someone picking your phone up and going through your pictures because you don't have a passcode set, It's much worse when you're essentially live-broadcasting your true thoughts to those who wouldn't be enamored of them, Technically Incorrect: A federal court says that if you butt-dial someone and the person records it, the information can be used against you, Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives, Be sneaky llama iphone case respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Earlier this week, a Mississippi woman was attacked by a bison in Yellowstone National Park after trying to take a selfie with it. Recently, though, a San Diego man thought it might be an idea to take a selfie with a rattlesnake. Some might think this has all the sense of taking a boa constrictor clubbing. However, as KGTV in San Diego reported, Todd Fassler picked a rattlesnake out of the brush and thought he might memorialize the event. The snake had other ideas and bit him. Fassler was taken to hospital. His medical expenses could be described as expensive. KGTV's Dan Haggerty tweeted Fassler's bill -- for $153,161.25. Of this, more than $83,000 was for "pharmacy." His case reportedly depleted the antivenom supplies at two local hospitals.

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