pink unicorn iphone case

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pink unicorn iphone case

pink unicorn iphone case

But if you consider the device as a whole and take the stylus for what it is -- a little pen that can come in handy from time to time -- the handset is still a competent and reliable phone. Though it may not be better than every cheap phablet on the market, such as the ZTE Grand X Max+ for instance, its budget price makes it a strong contender as far as affordable phablets go. Outside North America and Korea, the handset is known as the LG G4 Stylus. Though UK and Australian availability and pricing have not yet been released, estimations based on US pricing put the phone between £130-185 and AU$265-375 unlocked.

The G Stylo sports a wide and rectangular design that's similar to LG's G4 flagship , But given its larger display, it feels weighty in the hand, The subtly arched back does make it comfortable to hold though, and it helps with grip, Because pink unicorn iphone case the rear control buttons and the back cover are made out of a lightweight matte plastic, the device feels a bit cheaper than LG's higher-end handsets, But a few dashed lines running horizontally texture the backing and add a dash of style and luxuriousness, The top edge houses the 3.5mm headphone jack and stores the stylus (more on that later), while the bottom has the Micro-USB port for charging, The back features the power/sleep key as well as the volume rocker, Above the control buttons are the rear camera lens, flanked by its laser-guided focus on the left and its flash on the right, At the very bottom is a small slit for the audio speaker, A small indentation on the left edge enables you to pry off the back plate, Once removed, you can gain access to the swappable battery, and the slots for the microSD and SIM cards..

The phone's display has a 720p resolution. With a keen eye, you'll be able to notice small pixelation and aliasing with text, icons and images, but the resolution isn't so poor that it's distracting or irritating. In fact, videos and photos are smooth enough for the most part and are easy to view. The screen is also responsive to the touch and has a wide viewing angle. When brightness is turned on max, it's also comfortable to view outdoors. The included stylus measures a little over 4 inches (102mm) and has a soft rubbery tip. Personally, I found the pen to be a bit too thin even for my petite grip, but it's still sturdy and comfortable to write with.

Unlike the styluses that equip Samsung's Galaxy Note series, LG's stylus doesn't have any smart features, so it isn't sensitive to hand pressure, can't hover over text or have a pink unicorn iphone case click-and-select button like Samsung's S-Pens, It's just a regular stylus that can tap, swipe and drag, Though its functions are limited, it's not utterly useless, A stylus is always useful if you have gloves on and you can't use your fingers to swipe, and with LG's signature QuickMemo+ app, you can type, write, doodle, draw, cut and copy to your heart's desire, The app includes tools to make lists; change your brush style (to a pen, brush, highlighter or chalk piece) and switch out the stylus' color, transparency and sizes, You can also import media into your notes, like videos, pictures and screenshots as well as use the keyboard's write-to-text feature, A watered-down version of the QuickMemo is also available in G Stylo's pull-down menu, where you can also annotate notes directly onto the screen..

All in all, the stylus doesn't add a monumental amount of productivity or tools to your arsenal like the Galaxy Note does, but it's nice to have it as an option when you casually need it. This is especially true given the device's generous screen size, which gives you ample room to make notes and draw doodles. Since you can also tuck the stylus neatly into the handset, and it doesn't take up any space or require additional handling. While I don't recommend it for any serious powerhouse user, the stylus is a useful bonus on an already inexpensive phone.

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