ocean meets sky iphone case

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ocean meets sky iphone case

ocean meets sky iphone case

With its manufacturing glitch in the rear-view mirror, the Withings Activite Pop is ultimately a solid watch that's fun and easy to use. It's still not perfect: the Pop still has issues storing and syncing data over periods longer than a day and a half (not an issue if you're syncing every day, but if you're traveling it could be a problem). And, no, it doesn't measure heart rate (but, at this point, you probably don't need that anyway). But nevertheless, the Pop is the closest thing to a Fitbit-style device in a standard watch that you can currently buy.

Editors' note: This review was originally published January 16, but has been re-reviewed after Withings has fixed manufacturing issues with the ocean meets sky iphone case Pop that caused us to pull our ratings down, The review has also been updated to reflect changes in the fitness tracker and watch market, From the silicone band to the round mineral-glass-domed analog watch face, the Pop looks like your better-looking everyday watch, The three colors it's available in -- blue, black and white -- are all attractive, but the flat colors sometimes makes the Pop look more low-end than it actually is, The watch body is still steel, but it's permanently treated with a colored, matte texture, The hour and minute hands are painted, versus gleaming metal on the higher-end Activite, The mineral glass is a bit duller than the gleaming sapphire of the step-up version, But you probably won't notice, The price is right on the Pop, and that makes all the difference..

The Pop doesn't stand out like an Apple Watch or a funky fitness band. It's not meant to. This is designed to look and feel normal. And it does, which is the Pop's biggest success. Every time I put it on it just feels like I'm taking a break from smartwatches and fitness bands. It's actually a little relaxing. There's no crown to set the time: that happens automatically when the Pop is synced with your phone's Withings Health Mate app. And when you change time zones, the watch changes its time automatically, too. You can set a silent alarm to vibrate a wake-up call, but you have to set it in the Withings app. And the vibration isn't quite powerful enough to reliably wake me up (it's fainter than the Pebble).

The Bad Can't store data beyond a day and a half without syncing; setting watch requires using app; no heart-rate tracking; analog watch face shows daily goal progress but no other stats, The Bottom Line With its analog looks and Bluetooth-syncing functions, the Withings Activite Pop is a clever, stylish blend of everyday watch and connected fitness band that lasts months on a single battery, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed ocean meets sky iphone case at any time at our discretion..

As Jessica Dolcourt explained, turning an old device into cash is a fairly simple process. Not only does it eliminate clutter around your home, but it gives you extra funds to invest in that new device you've been drooling over. Even if the return on an old device isn't a big amount, taking the time to turn devices into cold cash is well worth it. One of my favorite uses for an old iPod Touch is using it as a remote for an Apple TV. Anyone who owns an Apple TV can attest to how easily the Apple remote is lost. An iPod Touch or an old iPad Mini is a bit harder to lose, and gives you a keyboard for those long search queries. The Remote app is free on iTunes.

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