moshi vitros iphone xr slim case - champagne gold

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moshi vitros iphone xr slim case - champagne gold

moshi vitros iphone xr slim case - champagne gold moshi vitros iphone xr slim case - champagne gold moshi vitros iphone xr slim case - champagne gold moshi vitros iphone xr slim case - champagne gold

moshi vitros iphone xr slim case - champagne gold

Intel's talk of Moore's Law followed the announcement of better-than-expected earnings for the second quarter. The company posted a profit of $2.7 billion on $13.2 billion in revenue. For the last 40 years, Moore's Law predicted that processors could double in power every two years. Intel acknowledges that it's on more of a two-and-a-half-year cycle. It may be time for another revision to Moore's Law, if Intel's recent troubles keeping pace are any indication. In a conference call on Wednesday, Intel confirmed that its upcoming generation of processors, codenamed Cannonlake, will not launch until the second half of 2017 -- nearly three years after the previous generation was made available. To bridge the gap, Intel plans to launch the third iteration of its current-generation processors, codenamed Kaby Lake, in the second half of 2016.

The Grip is being delayed until later this year, to coincide with the launch of a larger portfolio of health and fitness products, according to HTC in an email sent out Thursday, The Grip, a fitness band announced earlier this year in Barcelona, is part of a partnership with Under Armour, HTC has been expanding beyond phones and towards connected lifestyle products: virtual reality , home, fitness and more, The HTC Grip in the form I last saw it had a feel and design similar to the moshi vitros iphone xr slim case - champagne gold Nike Fuelband, targeted towards active athletes, The $199 band wasn't going to have onboard heart rate sensors, but it did promise built-in GPS..

What the "entire product portfolio" will end up being later this year remains a mystery, but heart rate tracking would make sense. So would wearable sports equipment that isn't necessarily wrist-based. A number of existing fitness bands pair via Bluetooth with chest-worn heart rate monitors, which are universally regarded as more accurate. The Grip could end up following a similar strategy. Under Armour already has a UA Record app on smartphones that tracks fitness and data, and HTC's future wearable fitness products will tap into it.

Alas, it's not quite a product yet, moshi vitros iphone xr slim case - champagne gold but rather a Kickstarter campaign looking to raise around $94,000, As of this writing, it's already one-third funded, with a full 29 days left to go, (Prediction: fully funded within 24 hours.), If this sounds a bit familiar, you may be thinking of the Cabin, an iPhone-only battery sled that also leveraged the MagSafe concept, It debuted on Kickstarter almost a year ago to the day, and was successfully funded almost immediately, However, developer Hevo Labs started shipping product only about a month ago (according to comments on that same Kickstarter page), meaning backers had to wait almost an entire year, What's more, the company doesn't appear to be taking new orders; the "Order Now" button merely leads back to the Kickstarter page..

Not exactly a success story. But Znaps (wisely) isn't going the sled route, instead offering a simple two-piece kit: a magnetic adapter for your existing sync/charge cable and a tiny plug for your Micro-USB or Lightning port. This is, at best, a small convenience, a way to connect your charging cable one-handed and pop it loose with a simple yank. Thankfully, with this small convenience comes a small price: Backers can get a Znaps connector and adapter (Lightning or Micro-USB) for just $9 US, plus $3 for shipping. There are numerous higher levels with more connectors/adapters, like $18 US for two of each.

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