leopard print iphone case

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leopard print iphone case

leopard print iphone case

The One M8s is, in almost every way, an identical phone to 2014's One M8. It has the same design, it's the same size, the display is identical, it runs HTC's Sense 6 software and it has comparable power, although it now has an octa-core processor rather than a quad-core. HTC boosted the camera with an 13-megapixel sensor, although it's every bit as disappointing as it was before. It also includes the dual lens that HTC all but admitted was a flop when it removed it from its new flagship One M9. It also costs the same -- £340 from HTC's partner Mobile Phones Direct in the UK.

There's really no major difference I can discern between this phone and the M8, I can only assume that HTC is hoping that by renaming it and inserting presumably cheaper components, it can make the M8s seem new and exciting, Unfortunately, that bet falls short, That being said, I was a big fan of the One M8, and while it's been out long enough for the excitement to have dwindled, it's still a solid bit of kit, The lower price of both it and the M8s makes either a good purchase if you're not fussed about having the most up-to-date designs, I really don't think it matters however if you go for the M8 or the M8s, If the M8s cost significantly less than its twin, this would be a very different leopard print iphone case proposition..

The phone is currently available in the UK only, and HTC has so far not made any comments about whether it will get a wider release in the US and Australia. We'll keep this review updated with more information as it becomes available. It's physically identical to last year's standard M8, in terms of looks, physical dimensions and even weight. On the one hand, that means the phone feels every bit as luxurious and sleek as the M8, thanks to its curved, all-metal design. On the other hand, of course, is the fact that this phone mimics a phone that's now a year out of date and has been replaced by a phone that has a new, albeit similar, design.

The dual, front-facing BoomSound speakers are of course in place above and below the display and can pump out a hefty sound for a smartphone, making the phone very handy leopard print iphone case for watching Netflix shows while you're cooking, It has only 16GB of built-in storage, which is pretty stingey, but you can at least expand that with a microSD card, which slots into one of the trays in the side, The M8s packs in the same 5-inch Full HD (1,920x1,080-pixel) display as the standard M8 -- it's probably an identical panel, in fact, It's no surprise then that the display is every bit as bright and sharp as the M8's panel and is pretty much the same as the more recent M9's, If I were being super-critical, I'd say that the M8s's display has mildly colder colours, but it's not something you'd ever notice in your day-to-day use..

It's a great screen overall, being sharp enough to display small text and high-resolution photos with satisfying clarity, with bold-enough colours to make Netflix shows like "Power Rangers" look thoroughly watchable. Or at least as watchable as it's possible to make "Power Rangers."The phone runs the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system -- one of the few ways in which the M8s beats the M8, which is still waiting on its update to Lollipop. It has HTC's Sense skin laid over the top, which is identical to the older version you'll get on the M8, rather than the M9.

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