iphone screen protector rainbow effect

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iphone screen protector rainbow effect

Gone are profile icons of your favorite and recent contacts, which were placed above the app thumbnails in iOS 7 and iOS 8. You now access those by opening the new search interface from the home screen of your iOS device. To force-close an app you still swipe up on the card, tossing it off into the digital void. You can also swipe multiple cards at the same time, using multiple fingers. Another aspect of the new app switcher you'll likely notice is a change in how Handoff works. Handoff allows you to quickly open an email, message, or Safari page (just to name a few) on another Apple device without having to email it to yourself. With iOS 9, Handoff is available in the app switcher along the bottom of the screen.

When your iOS device detects content open on another Apple device that's Handoff-compatible, the small bar will show up, You can either tap or slide the bar up to the top of the screen, opening the respective app, The first time you double-click iphone screen protector rainbow effect the home button after updating to iOS 9, you're in for a surprise, Just two years after Apple revamped the app switching interface with iOS 7, it's changing it again, Instead of providing thumbnails of apps placed next to one another, Apple has opted to place the same thumbnails in a stack..

Garmin seems to have addressed these problems with the Forerunner 25. The company's latest running watch builds on what we loved with Forerunner 15 and adds in extra features. Not to mention that it's also thinner than its predecessor and has a display that is 32 percent larger. The Forerunner 25 is a basic to midrange running watch that includes all-day activity tracking and smartphone notifications. The built-in GPS is used to accurately track pace and distance, while an accelerometer will track things like steps, calories burned, distance traveled, and sleep at night, similar to products from Fitbit and Jawbone.

The Forerunner 25 will be available in two different sizes: small and large, The battery on the smaller option is said to last eight hours with an active GPS signal, or up to eight weeks in watch and activity tracking mode, Garmin claims the larger model will last up to 10 hours with an active GPS signal, and up to 10 weeks in activity tracking mode, The Garmin Forerunner 25 will be available in the third quarter of this year for $170 or $200 when bundled with a heart-rate monitor, iphone screen protector rainbow effect Garmin's latest running watch includes GPS activity tracking, and smartphone notifications without breaking the bank..

Called Sway, the free app is a modern take on slideshow software that lets you drop in photos, text and videos from your personal collection or from social networks like Twitter into an interactive deck. It's a fresh competitor to PowerPoint, Microsoft's own ubiquitous presentation tool, and a reaction to increasingly popular alternatives like Prezi and Canva, which offer slick, cheaper and more modern takes on presentations and slideshows. Microsoft announced Wednesday that Sway is now generally available for PCs and tablets running its Windows 10 software, which was released on July 29. Sway was also previously available in its beta testing phase for Apple's iPhone and iPad and within a Web browser.

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