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iphone case off white

If you only have $129 to spend on a tablet, the selection isn't great --nor is the quality. Knowing that, the Lenovo Tab 2 A8 is one of the better choices, albeit a pretty simple one. Click through this slideshow for a closer look at the 8-inch tablet, and read the full review for more details. The plastic back panel of the Tab 2 A8 is smooth with a matte finish in dark blue. It feels nice against your fingertips, but it doesn't provide any grip support. With only 16GB of internal storage loaded in, you're going to want to take advantage of the microSD card expansion slot on the top-left corner of the tablet.

Like most budget tablets, the Lenovo Tab 2 A8 rocks a rather homely build, It's design is girthy, and for a small tablet, it's pretty heavy, One of the best features of the Tab 2 A8 is the front-facing speakers, When used with the built-in Dolby app, movies become more immersive, thanks to crisp dialogue and the sound that travels between the speakers, Cameras on tablets are standard, however most tend to disappoint when it comes to quality, The rear cam on the Lenovo tablet is no different, You'll find both iphone case off white the Micro-USB port and headphone jack on the top edge of the tablet..

Visit manufacturer site for details. If you can spend more than a few bones on a tablet, I highly recommend doing so. If you can't, the Lenovo Tab 2 A8 is a decent tablet that'll satisfy simple needs. The inexpensive 8-incher is decidedly outdated, with a chunky design and specs that would impress if this was 2013. However, not everyone needs the latest and greatest device, rendering the Lenovo Tab 2 A8 an acceptable choice for those who are apathetic about aesthetics and tolerant of dated tech.

At its rock-bottom price, the Lenovo Tab 2 A8's offerings are simple -- yet common for a tablet in its price range -- and all of its shortcomings are the result of sacrifices made to meet its low cost, The tablet is available for $129 in the US, £90 iphone case off white in the UK and AU$229 in Australia, The Lenovo Tab 2 A8 looks like a budget tablet, For an 8-inch slate, it's girthy and heavy, In a time when flagship tablets are fighting to be the thinnest and lightest ever, the Lenovo's design is unimpressive, Aesthetics aside, it's still comfortable to use..

The blue plastic back panel features a smooth, matte finish that feels soft against your fingertips. The edges are flat, with a ridge created by the front panel connecting with the back panel. The ridge isn't sharp and doesn't protrude too much, so resting your fingers on the sides is still pleasant. The top edge is home to the Micro-USB port and headphone jack, with the microSD card slot on the top-left corner, and the volume rocker and power button on the right. In a strange design choice, the Lenovo tablet has the volume rocker placed above the power button. Traditionally, most models have these buttons the other way around, so I often pushed the volume rocker when I meant to press the power button and vice versa.

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