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Tinder complained that actually it existed to create connections with people. It said that only 1.7 percent of its users are married, not 30 percent as suggested in one study. And then it went on. And on. And on. That's rarely a good policy if you want to win an argument of love. It offered that its service was "about meeting new people for all kinds of reasons. Travel, dating, relationships, friends and a s*** ton of marriages."I'd like to interject that Tinder is telling (some of) the truth here. My very blessed friend George the engineer encountered his lovely new bride on Tinder. In Istanbul. They just met for lunch. Then lunch turned to dinner. And then dinner turned into a bliss uncharted.

Clearly, the service is so hypnotic, so beautifully gameified that it attracts all comers and all goers, However, is it entirely wise to mount a series of hissy-tweets aimed at Vanity Fair? I have contacted both publications for their views and will update, should I hear, Tinder did release a statement to Wired that read: "While reading a recent Vanity Fair article about today's dating culture, we were saddened to see that the article didn't touch upon the positive experiences that the majority of our users encounter daily, Our intention was to iphone case brands highlight the many statistics and amazing stories that are sometimes left unpublished, and, in doing so, we overreacted."Many things in life, as in love, sadden us, All of us sometimes overreact, It's healthy to know when you have..

CurrentC, the mobile-payment platform developed by the Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), will kick off a public beta within the next few weeks in Columbus, Ohio, but may not push its service across the US until 2016, MCX CEO Brian Mooney told Recode in an interview published Wednesday. MCX, which has been working on its mobile-payment platform for three years, had initially planned to launch the service across the US in 2015. MCX did not immediately respond to a request for confirmation and comment on Mooney's statements.

Although Mooney reportedly cast the delay as a way for MCX to get its product "right," it could provide an opening to companies like Apple that are already offering mobile-payment platforms, and even those who will soon enter the space, like Samsung and Google, Still, MCX is widely viewed as a potential powerhouse in a crowded mobile-payments space, The company has the backing of some of the world's largest retailers, including Walmart, Target, Kohl's, and Best Buy, Not content allowing third parties to handle mobile payment transactions on their own, the companies came together last iphone case brands year under the MCX banner, saying they would roll out CurrentC at their 110,000 locations around the US, Collectively, the retailers process over $1 trillion in annual transactions..

When CurrentC finally hits the retail space, it'll be presented with a slew of competitors. In addition to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, a host of other companies, including PayPal, are all eyeing ways to make a splash in the nascent mobile-payments industry. There is broad consensus that, in the future, consumers will increasingly turn to their smartphones to make payments, believing that the option is more secure and convenient. So far, however, mobile payments represent just a small sliver of the retail transaction space.

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