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iphone case 10

One of my nieces was hesitant. "Idk teens are used to having those things be separate," she wrote. ("Idk" is Internet-speak for "I don't know."). The other was a little more open to the idea. "That's kind of intriguing," she said. Obviously, neither seemed overly enthusiastic. But lucky for Yahoo, things change quickly in teen world. I'll ask them again in a few months. The mission for Yahoo is clear: Convince people -- especially young ones -- that Yahoo is the app to tap when they pull out their phones. If the company can do that, it will be able to get marketers to give them their ad dollars to reach the elusive demographic. The company also reportedly has a minority stake in Snapchat, and Yahoo's 2013 acquisition of Tumblr for $1.1 billion was largely seen as an attempt to buy hipness among young people.

With Livetext, people connect over video and chat using the cameras on their phones, But just as Snapchat has its self-destructing messages and Twitter-owned Vine has its 6-second rule, Livetext has its own schtick: video chatting with no sound, Yahoo says the lack of sound allows people to be less iphone case 10 inhibited, as when they are texting ordinarily, The company also put some money down on the bet, Two days after unveiling Livetext, Yahoo said it was buying Polyvore, a social shopping site with a strong presence on mobile devices..

The announcements underscore Yahoo's attempt to cash in on the popularity of several apps that have caught the attention of young people, including Instagram, Vine and Snapchat, which has a valuation of at least $15 billion. Analysts have taken a wait-and-see approach. "This could earn a place with teens," said Brian Solis, a principal analyst at the research firm Altimeter Group. "It's certainly clever, and we live in a world where cleverness is a commodity."My nieces might not have heard of it, but early reviews for Livetext are favorable. It's garnered a 4.5-star review (5 is best) in the Apple App store, after more than 200 reviews.

One user, Nikki 1290, wrote, "Even though late to the party yahoo proved again with this app, used for a few min and loving it." Five stars, Yahoo also needs to make up ground in the mobile arena more broadly, Almost every move Mayer has made since taking the helm has been in the service of giving Yahoo what she considers a fighting chance against rivals like Apple, iphone case 10 Google and Facebook -- smartphone and tablet industry leaders, To do that, she's spent more than $2 billion combined to acquire more than 50 startups, a move intended to create a stockpile of mobile-engineering talent..

"I came in with the thesis that Yahoo needed to reinvent itself with a mobile lens," Mayer told the Medium Backchannel blog in March. Yahoo declined to make her available for this story. To call Mayer's job an uphill battle would be an understatement. When more than 95 percent of smartphone owners on the planet turn on their devices, they're already in a universe created by Apple or Google -- either the iOS operating system software, which powers iPhones, or Android, the Google-made operating system that powers more than 80 percent of the world's smartphones.

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