iphone 7 plus rose gold brilliance case

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iphone 7 plus rose gold brilliance case

iphone 7 plus rose gold brilliance case iphone 7 plus rose gold brilliance case iphone 7 plus rose gold brilliance case iphone 7 plus rose gold brilliance case iphone 7 plus rose gold brilliance case iphone 7 plus rose gold brilliance case

iphone 7 plus rose gold brilliance case

Meanwhile, back on Earth, we're making fun of Amazon's less-than-stellar Prime Day deals, and Apple's iPods get a boost. CNET Update delivers the tech news you need in under three minutes. Watch Bridget Carey every afternoon for a breakdown of the big stories, hot devices, new apps, and what's ahead. Subscribe to the podcast via the links below. iTunes (HD) | iTunes (SD) | iTunes (HQ) | iTunes (MP3). RSS (HD) | RSS (SD) | RSS (HQ)| RSS (MP3). Download the audio version of today's episode. NASA scientists find clues that Pluto could still be alive with geological activity, based on scans from the New Horizons probe. Meanwhile on Earth, Apple updates iPods, and Amazon's Prime Day doesn't quite impress.

Messages crawl over my e-mail inbox like ants over a rancid apple, On Wednesday, however, one rendered me temporarily insensate, It announced a trend of which I iphone 7 plus rose gold brilliance case hadn't been aware, I need to be aware of trends, otherwise I have no idea what progressive actions humanity is taking, In this instance, I was suddenly informed that humanity has gravitated toward sunburn art, This is very much what you might imagine, You take the exposed parts of your body, You make your own clever stencils, Then nature beams itself upon you, the result being glorious patterns adoring your flesh without the assistance of a tattooist with a nose ring and a troubled attitude..

I was directed to the Instagram hashtag #sunburnart. There I witnessed sunburn patterns that varied from the possibly accidental to the certainly grotesque. But everyone thinks they have an artist inside of them. Social media merely encourages this (mis)conception. Naturally, not everyone feels enlightened by this fad. The Skin Cancer Foundation offered this observation: "Sunburns cause DNA damage to the skin, accelerate skin aging, and increase your lifetime skin cancer risk. In fact, sustaining five or more sunburns in youth increases lifetime melanoma risk by 80 percent. On average, a person's risk for melanoma doubles if he or she has had more than five sunburns."The American Cancer Society mused: "There are bad ideas. Then there's this!"I fancy this particular art form might pass quickly, as it takes a little too much effort to create something fetching. Laziness is one of the most powerful forces in humankind today.

But another powerful force is exhibitionism, We need to thrust ourselves upon social media with ever-more fascinating updates, so that we can remain interesting to our heartfelt virtual friends, I wonder how many people are lying on the beach or by the pool today and wondering what patterns they can project onto their bodies, How pained they will be if they discover, on posting their work to #sunburnart, that someone has thought of it already, Technically Incorrect: With the sun shining all around, have you ever thought of creating special shapes on iphone 7 plus rose gold brilliance case your body for art using the sun's rays? The Batman logo, for example..

Reports have been floating about suggesting that Google will release two new, big-screened Nexus phones, or phablets, this year. One of those could be designed by LG Electronics, which was responsible for the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 but was replaced by Motorola for the Nexus 6. The other model Nexus could be manufactured by China-based Huawei, which has made a big splash in its home market and other countries with its low-cost smartphones. Assuming the reports are true, this would mark a first for Google in trying to unleash two new Nexus phones at the same time. Why two at once? Well, the LG model would reportedly sport a 5.2-inch screen, while Huawei's edition would come with a 5.7-inch display. So Google may be trying to pull off the same strategy that Apple did with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus -- offer one model with a relatively smaller screen and a second with a larger display to appeal to as many people as possible. The current Nexus 6 comes with a super-sized 6-inch screen, so Google may also be trying to shrink the display a bit to make the phones more feasible for consumers who don't want jumbo phones.

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