formula case for apple iphone x and xs - gray/blue

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formula case for apple iphone x and xs - gray/blue

formula case for apple iphone x and xs - gray/blue formula case for apple iphone x and xs - gray/blue

formula case for apple iphone x and xs - gray/blue

The new agreement must still be formally approved by the European Parliament and the European Council and then translated into all languages in the European Union before it can go into effect. "Europeans have been calling and waiting for the end of roaming charges as well as for Net neutrality rules," Andrus Ansip, Commission vice president for the Digital Single Market, said in a statement. "They have been heard. We still have a lot of work ahead of us to create a Digital Single Market. Our plans to make it happen were fully endorsed by heads of state and government last week, and we should move faster than ever on this."The European Commission's decision means that Europeans who travel within the EU will pay the same mobile phone charges they do in their home country.

Fortunately, iOS lets you assign a name to any group conversation, though it's not immediately obvious how, Here's the breakdown, Step 1: Open Messages, then formula case for apple iphone x and xs - gray/blue tap any existing group conversation, Step 2: Tap the Details button in the upper-right corner, Step 3: Swipe down just a bit until you see Group Name at the top of the screen, (Like I said: not immediately obvious.) Tap in that field, then enter whatever name you want to give your group ("family," "sales team," "soccer," etc.), You can use emoji as part of the name for easier at-a-glance identification..

Then just tap Done. Now, when you look at your list of messages, you'll see your group name instead of an abbreviated line of individual names. Now for the bad news: this works only if everyone in your group uses iMessage. If you're texting one or more, say, Android users, the Group Name option won't appear. This little-known feature can be a serious boon in keeping track of message threads. Apple's iOS 9 is chock-full of useful features, some of which you might easily overlook. A great example: conversation naming.

The first step to conserving water is understanding how much water you actually use, H2O Tracker (iOS, Android) is a free app that helps you track both your inside and outside water usage, All you have to do is answer questions (there are a few questions that ask about your shower head/faucet formula case for apple iphone x and xs - gray/blue output, but the app walks you through finding those numbers) about your household's water usage, and the app figures out what areas you need to work on, The app also awards points for answering questions and taking steps to conserve water -- if you live in the Aurora Water district, you can sign up for an H2O Tracker account and redeem those points for tangible prices, such as wildflower seeds or a shower head..

If you get a monthly or bi-monthly water bill, it's probably not very easy to figure out exactly how much water your household is using on a daily basis. Dropcountr (iOS, Android) is a free app that taps directly into your water utility, allowing you to see your water usage in real time (well, daily) -- and, hopefully, use that knowledge to reduce your water consumption. In addition to real-time updates, Dropcountr provides you with helpful information such as how much water you use compared to similar-sized households, utility rebates for conservation measures, and new regulations that apply to your area. Dropcountr's main drawback is its limited availability -- at the moment, it's only available for five utilities: Austin Water, Folsom, Lake Arrowhead, Park Water, and Purissima Hills Water District.

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