flamingo cone iphone case

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flamingo cone iphone case

flamingo cone iphone case

Here's a quick how-to from CNET's Jason Cipriani for how to get a more diverse set of emojis. If you've been getting iMessages that say you've won a cruise or a Best Buy gift card, you're probably a victim of iMessage Spam. Fortunately, a quick trip to your iPhone settings can block these advertisers fairly easily. CNET's Jason Cipriani shows you how here. If you own an iPhone, you may have noticed something odd in the Messages app: some messages are blue and some are green. What's the deal with that?.

But for some, money just never seems to be a problem, Apple on Tuesday reported cash as well as short- and long-term investments totaling $202.8 billion, the first time its cash holdings have topped $200 billion, That's not only the biggest pot of money held by any company in the world -- it's also more than the gross domestic product (GDP) of many countries, Apple shareholders, including billionaire investor Carl Icahn, have been vocal about wanting CEO Tim Cook to put that money to good use -- such as flamingo cone iphone case offering higher dividends or buying back more stock..

Despite that, the Cupertino, California-based consumer-electronics titan has been reluctant to spend its money on anything beyond (mostly small) acquisitions. One reason could be that 89 percent of that nearly $203 billion is held overseas. Cash shipped stateside would be subject to a 35 percent tax (give or take), which is why Apple and other business giants, including Hewlett-Packard, Google, Cisco Systems and Microsoft, choose to keep the bulk of their money abroad. That could change if the US government passes another "tax repatriation holiday" like it did in 2004, which let multinationals bring in overseas profits at a lower tax rate.

And then there's the fact that $168 billion is in the form of long-term investments, which can't be converted to cash all that quickly, Still, should the day come that Apple chooses to really spend its hoard, we've prepared some modest suggestions about what it can do with all that dough, Of course, if the company were feeling really charitable, it could give flamingo cone iphone case away 1 billion iPhones, That would put Apple's smartphones in the hands of one-seventh of the world's population, We suspect, however, that shareholders might not approve of that one..

That's according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, who said sales of the wearable to consumers exceeded the unit sales of the first iPhone and iPad in their comparable launch periods. He added that the Apple Watch saw its highest sales in June -- dismissing the notion that demand has trailed off. But Cook still didn't provide any actual numbers, and the Apple Watch launched in nine countries while the iPhone and iPad were US-only in the beginning. The comments come amid increasing questions about how well the Apple Watch has done -- further stoked by the company's decision not to break out specific sales numbers for the smartwatch. While the Apple Watch has been the highest-profile product in the category, which includes other watches from the likes of Samsung Electronics and Motorola, it's unclear whether mainstream consumers are ready to hop on the bandwagon.

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