child size 4 ballet shoes

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child size 4 ballet shoes

Spooky Times at Deer Hollow Farm: Families can explore haunted barns, try their hand at children’s activities and crafts and meet the farm animals. All profits go toward care and feeding of the livestock. Oct. 26, 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Deer Hollow Farm, Rancho San Antonio County Park, 22500 Cristo Rey Dr., Los Altos. $7/$5 in costume. The Best Movies Made on Planet Earth: Professor Mark Larson hosts a series of lectures on neglected film masterpieces from around the world. An animation and short films program features “The Music Box” (U.S., 1932), “Duck Amuck” (U.S., 1953) and “I Walked with a Zombie” (U.S., 1943). Oct. 30, 6 p.m. Cupertino Library, 10800 Torre Ave., Cupertino. For reservations and a class schedule, visit cupertinoli

While the upper-class Libby (nicely performed by Shay Oglesby-Smith), Chuck (well done by Louis Schilling) and their daughter Amanda (a lovely Anna Smith) are well-drawn characters, Betty and Jim (well-played by Karen Fox and Paul Stout) seem too stereotyped as gun-toting evangelicals, Their son Brian (Jacob de Heer) fairs better as child size 4 ballet shoes the young man trying to do the right thing, A lovely breath of fresh air, not to mention a good deal of comedy, comes with Libby’s chef Eddie (a delightful Daniel Redmond)..

Students who take in their report card showing a 3.5-or-better GPA to either of Oaklandish’s retail sites can help themselves to a special T-shirt bearing Oaklandish’s familiar tree-with-roots pattern. Upon arriving at one of the retail sites (1444 Broadway downtown or 3419 Fruitvale Ave. in the Dimond district), the students are asked to write responses to the question, “What has Oakland taught you?”. Oaklandish will post favorite responses on its blog at, and if any teachers come in for repeated mention, find a way to reward them as well, store owner and CEO Angela Tsay said.

Republican chaos is good news for Democrats, but they face their own crisis, Bernie Sanders’ victory did not surprise Hillary Clinton’s lieutenants, but his margin did, and so did the astonishing size of the party’s generation gap: Sanders won 83 percent of the ballots cast by voters younger than 30, and 66 percent among those age 30 to 44, Clinton carried only the 65-and-overs, These younger voters have known capitalism at its worst and were more child size 4 ballet shoes turned on than turned off by Sanders’ democratic socialism, Where Clinton was old news to a new generation, a 74-year-old Washington warhorse emerged as a novel voice of authentic protest against the corruptions and injustices of traditional politics..

Voices in Harmony: The men’s chorus is seeking new members. Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m. Comunidad Cristiana, 1748 Junction Ave., San Jose. T.O.P.S. Meeting: Take Off Pounds Sensibly is a support group for weight loss. Thursdays. 9:30-11 a.m. The Church of God, 937 Minnesota Ave., San Jose. Contact Daniel Kionka, 408-486-2357, or Katy Haselden, 408-335-3110. Sons in Retirement: Retired men’s luncheon club features fellowship and guest speakers. Meets the third Tuesday of the month. Elks Lodge, 444 Alma St., San Jose. For more information, contact Rich Peterson at

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