billie eilish graphic artwork iphone case

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billie eilish graphic artwork iphone case

billie eilish graphic artwork iphone case

Here's another one you might only stumble upon. To find a specific text message, use the search bar at the top of the message interface. Don't see it? Pull down to reveal it, or tap the top bar. When you're connected to in-flight Wi-Fi or traveling without a data plan, you can still send text messages to iPhone-using friends. Just head to Settings > Messages and make sure Send as SMS is disabled, and that iMessage is enabled. Hidden beneath the unassuming characters of the iOS keyboard is a world of letters and symbols only available with a long-press.

For example, long-pressing the dash key reveals em and en dashes, while long-pressing the numeral 0 lets you insert a degree symbol, To see when a message was sent, drag the message screen to the left, and the time stamps will billie eilish graphic artwork iphone case be revealed, Siri can handle really complex commands, She can even do things like set your alarm, and learn how to properly pronounce names, Get to know all 20 of Siri's hidden talents in this guide, Sometimes you need to charge your phone fast, The fastest way to do that? Airplane mode..

With all sending and receiving of data cut off, your phone will charge much faster. Just be sure to leave the backlight off, too. Thanks to the iPhone 5S's fast processor, the camera now lets you shoot in burst mode, snapping multiple photos per second. It's great for capturing sports, kids, and special moments you want every bit of. Spotlight is really useful for quickly surfacing data on your phone. In order to do that, however, the tool needs to constantly survey your phone for new data and index it.

To temper the effects on your battery, go to Settings > General >Spotlight and uncheck the items you don't necessarily need indexed, For longer battery life, change these settings, too, This tip will save your battery life and your privacy, Far, far into billie eilish graphic artwork iphone case iOS's privacy settings is a setting that, when enabled, sends Apple your location data, Some people don't care, If you do -- and you want a battery boost while you're at it -- disable the feature, Go to Settings > Privacy > System Services to toggle the option..

Touch ID seems to have a beef with certain fingers, consistently requiring multiple scans before unlocking the device. If this sounds familiar, try this: Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode. Here, enroll the same finger two to three times by choosing Add a fingerprint. Doing so will give Touch ID more information about your finger patterns, resulting in a faster scan. With iOS 8.3, Apple released a redesigned emoji keyboard complete with a more racially diverse set of characters. In other words, instead of only finding one color of emoji faces and hands within the keyboard, you now have a more realistic sample of colors to represent the various races in the world.

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