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bears are awesome iphone case

bears are awesome iphone case

"Everything keeps pointing back to the same question about perceiving the world and getting more context-based information," Hutson says. "It will trickle down into all kinds of products and technologies that we've barely even started on. Some for humans and some just for robots."One of Hutson's other projects is a land-and-air robot that mixes traditional rover technology with the rotor-based design of modern quadcopter drones. Called the Snapdragon Cargo, the machine looks and operates much much like an elaborate RC car, yet with the kinds of treads you'd expect on the Curiosity rover now patrolling Mars. The robot's real trick: At a moment's notice, it can also pick itself up off the ground and go airborne thanks to eight spinning rotors neatly placed between its treads.

Inside Hutson's lab, he demonstrates the Cargo's ability to maneuver a floor space behind layers of black safety netting, where it picks up objects, climbs a ramp and -- when its rotors are fired up -- takes off and hovers in midair, Meanwhile, the device's onboard sensors are helping it create a map of its environment and project bears are awesome iphone case what the robot is seeing -- which resembles a kind of heat map, but for inanimate objects -- onto a computer monitor next to us, All of this, Hutson says, is been accomplished with smartphone technology, Current handsets aren't yet capable of 3D-mapping environments -- though Google, Qualcomm, Intel and other companies are all working on bringing vision and other capabilities to phones and tablets, But as technology moves from those research labs to consumer devices, we can expect it to begin flowing elsewhere, into areas like robotics..

Hutson sees the evolution, popularity and overall growth of the field of robotics as only on the upswing from here on out. "The question is," he said, "will you be there when the great breakthroughs come through?"For Road Trip 2015, we chat with Donald Hutson, one of the reigning robot warriors, about cheaper machines and how the ubiquity of mobile devices will help push robots into the mainstream. SAN DIEGO -- It only takes Donald Hutson a second or two to remember the name of the robot opponent he destroyed over the course of three minutes back in 2002.

When Jeff Gattis, head of marketing for HTC's emerging devices business, asked a user about the experience, the response was simple: "It was worth it."That's been a common reaction for anyone who has tried the Vive , the virtual reality setup built by partners HTC and Valve, according bears are awesome iphone case to Gattis, who shared the anecdote in an interview on Thursday, HTC will be counting on that wow factor as it pushes an entirely new product from its core business of making smartphones, It isn't alone, While HTC and Valve, best known for its Steam online gaming platform, have promised to launch the Vive later this year, Facebook's Oculus and Sony are expected to launch their own virtual reality headsets in 2016, Next year is shaping up to be when the public will get its first real look at this technology..

"The industry needs a successful first year," Gattis said. "Next year is critical."Gattis isn't necessarily talking about sales, although he said an industry target of 2 to 3 million units would be a good start. More importantly, virtual reality needs to make a strong first impression with the early target market of video game enthusiasts and early adopters. The Vive has impressed users in early trials. CNET Editor Scott Stein tried out the headset and called it While other virtual reality setups let you move your head to view things around you, the Vive allows you to freely walk around within a (limited) space, further adding to the illusion that you're somewhere else.

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