atomic slim 2 case for apple iphone xs max - gold

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atomic slim 2 case for apple iphone xs max - gold

atomic slim 2 case for apple iphone xs max - gold

Apple CEO Tim Cook, however, remained upbeat during a call with analysts. "We did exceptionally well in any way you look at it," Cook said about iPhone sales."From our point of view, iPhone is doing outstanding.""We had an amazing quarter, with iPhone revenue up 59 percent over last year, strong sales of Mac, all-time record revenue from services, driven by the App Store, and a great start for Apple Watch," he said. Traditionally, iPhone made up closer to 50 percent of Apple's revenue, but the smartphone has become even more important to the company's financials since the iPhone 6 hit the market in September. iPad revenue has continued to drop, and so far, there's nothing to replace that shortfall. The Apple Watch, which Apple launched in April, may not be selling as well as hoped, and the company doesn't plan to break out sales for the smartwatch. Its new Apple Music service, which suffered from a three-hour outage earlier Tuesday, also likely won't move the needle anytime soon.

A big reason for the iPhone's recent strong sales is China, The country surpassed the US to become Apple's biggest iPhone market in the March quarter, But China could become less of a sure bet for Apple if the region's economy slows and demand starts to dry up, Earlier this month, Gartner revised its annual growth forecast for smartphones downward, in large part because of the cool-down in the region, In the third quarter, though, Apple reported sales in Greater China more than doubled to $13.2 billion, Cook during a call with analysts on Tuesday called the results in the region "outstanding." He noted that while the recent problems in the stock market could cause atomic slim 2 case for apple iphone xs max - gold some "speedbumps" for Apple, he still expects China to become Apple's biggest market..

"Generally, at least as we see it .. this worry is probably overstated," Cook said. "We're not changing anything."Overall, Apple generated $49.6 billion in revenue, up 33 percent from a year ago. Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters had anticipated sales of $49.4 billion. Net income rose to $10.7 billion, or $1.85 a share, up from $37.4 billion, or $1.28 a share, a year earlier. Analysts had expected per-share earnings of $1.81. Gross margin edged up to 39.7 percent from 39.4 percent a year earlier.

Apple sold 10.9 million iPads in the quarter, down 18 percent from the previous year, Analysts had expected it atomic slim 2 case for apple iphone xs max - gold to sell 10.7 million tablets, according to a poll by Fortune, That marked the sixth consecutive decline for Apple's iPad line -- a concern for a company that's becoming more and more reliant on its smartphones, Consumers have been holding on to their tablets for longer and opting to purchase bigger-screen iPhones instead, And so far, the expected boost from business users seeking out the tablets -- particularly with Apple's partnership with IBM -- hasn't materialized, What may turn things around for the iPad is a bigger-screen "iPad Pro" that could hit the market this fall..

At the same time, Mac sales have been strong. Apple sold 4.8 million computers in the third quarter, up from 4.4 million a year ago. Analysts polled by Fortune had expected Apple to sell 4.8 million Macs. By comparison, Gartner earlier this month said worldwide PC shipments dropped 9.5 percent in the June quarter, the steepest decline since the third quarter of 2013. The firm expects PC sales to fall 4.4 percent this year. As expected, Apple didn't detail Apple Watch sales but said revenue from "other products" -- also including iPods -- grew 49 percent from the previous year to $2.64 billion. It also increased $952 million from the second quarter.

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